Dollar Kidd Gear promotes my book; Out of My Mind, A Poetic Autobiography was published in the summer of 2009. Using words from the book on various products. (click on Out of My Mind above to buy the book)

We have teamed up with Wally's PLAYce to sell products for them.

Check out our new line, We The People!

Check out the Memorial items. We can customize a cup, can holder, tumbler and other items to help you remember your loved ones!

Net Force Volleyball, has a large selection of items on our site. We hope that this continues to grow!

Missiles Gear supports our local School.

Lifestyles tab may or may not be related to Dollar Kidd Gear. At the same time household related.

Dollar Kidd Gear

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Wally's PLAYce - It's the PLAYce to be!

Located at 6 S. Washington (Rt 40) in Milledgeville, IL

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Thank You !

We hope to continue to add various products of different types. A wider variety of products, styles, colors and businesses.